Spotly/ Martine Moflag
Co-sharing city space through spots
Oslo & Copenhagen, Norway
Streets with (new) meaning
Social infrastructure
Ways of living, ways of sharing
Image: Pia Simms Vestergård
By unlocking showroom space to more for less we make cities more inclusive & socially sustainable

Practice/ Project
Highlighted theme: Streets with (new) meaning & co-sharing

We´re Spotly, a small Danish/ Norwegian startup working within property/ retail/ creative tech.

Spotly´s mission is to democratize access to showroom space. Through our platform and community, upcoming brands & creatives can book and rent flexible storefronts like windows or walls down to 1m2 in stores, cafés, bars, hotels, events & more. Hosts get new content in their space/ for their event and new stories to tell while getting paid. We lower the threshold for access to city space (get spots for free or for small amounts), empower creatives and the brands of tomorrow while enabling local businesses to stay relevant where they are.

We fight commercial gentrification in neighbourhoods.

We provide the infrastructure so everyone wins on sharing space better
Upcoming brands & creatives get an affordable, flexible platform to test & showcase works or products
Local businesses & independent concepts get a new channel for income & experiences
Neighbourhoods get new life through pop-ups

We have already tested our concept in Grünerløkka (fall 2021) with on a project in cooperation with Visitløkka & independent concepts/ local businesses where over 50 participants shared spots in storefronts. 100 % wanted to do another project, 50 % of hosts wanted to continue to share spots on an ongoing basis. While chains are pushing up real estate prices in local neighbourhoods, we are expanding our concept in Oslo.

Now we would love more public organizations, institutions & commercial businesses (from independent stores to shopping centres) to start practising sharing spots and thereby contributing to making the city and neighbourhoods more socially inclusive. Our submission could also be a project similar to "Vindusbonanza" in Grünerløkka in another part of town.


In Oslo alone, there are 1.000´s of businesses and institutions that could benefit from sharing spots
In the Nordics, 10.000´s small brands, entrepreneurs & creatives don´t have physical showrooms but want flexible access to the city at a budget they can afford

We can make the needs of the two meet through our infrastructure, and generate thousands of meaningful pop-ups.

A spot in the window of Fogg Gildeskål in Grünerløkka (Photo: Elisabeth Frengen)

A temporary showroom for designers & artists with 6 spots in Copenhagen (Photo: Magasin du Nord)

Large chains sharing spots with local artists. A spot in the window of The Body Shop in Grünerløkka featuring Hellothemushroom (Photo: Elisabeth Frengen)

A spot in the window of HGZ in Grünerløkka featuring local artist Daria Kozlova (Photo: Elisabeth Frengen)

A spot in the window of Paustian in Aarhus featuring local artist Stine Leth (Photo: Rune Svenningsen)

Spotly/ Martine Moflag

We´re a small team working out of Copenhagen & Oslo engaging in partnerships with everything from co-working spaces and large retailers to local business organizations & artists

Martine Moflag, Founder (Oslo)
Aya Fabricius, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer (Copenhagen)
Jesper Jul Dreisig, Co-founder & tech/design lead (Copenhagen)
Several spot scouts in Aarhus, Copenhagen & Oslo

Project in Grünerløkka in cooperation with
Jan Robert Johnsen, Manager Visitløkka
Kelly Palencia, Founder, Handmade in Norway

Cross-disciplinary practice

"Husly_" Aarhus (Photo: Rune Svenningsen)

"Vindusbonanza" Oslo (Photo: Elisabeth Frengen)

"Husly_" Copenhagen (Photo: Pia Simms Vestergård)