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Urban Space for Physical, Mental and Social Health
Burgas, Bulgaria
Public plays
Social infrastructure
Naturehood – wilder and greener
Image: Think Forward Lab, Burgas, Bulgaria
Urban Space for Physical, Mental and Social Health is a study for activating inter-block spaces and their untapped potential in Burgas, Bulgaria

Looking at the figure-ground of a typical Bulgarian neighbourhood, one is able to discern a dominant typology: orthogonal 6 to 10-storey residential blocks, surrounded by geometries of ample green spaces lined with mature trees - a spatial organisation ripe for interventions, yet the large scale presents the grassroots activity with an intimidating volume too broad to affect with isolated small scale interventions, and the municipality with a budget too large to delegate at once.

The proposed scheme offers a budget solution to several key issues with the current urban approach, focusing on achieving sustainability and longevity of the urban environment precisely due to the inherent housing block typology, while ensuring the ensemble of activities contributes to the healthy routine of all residents as opposed to a select group.

To achieve this, the project strategically targets the three fundamental components of good health - physical, mental, and social wellbeing - by providing the necessary infrastructure in the context of a renewed perspective on the importance of nature in our everyday, strengthening our critical yet brittle relationship with the outdoors.


A mental health zone will greet residents with a rewilded existing greenery through planting groups of repurposed concrete shafts, aiming to improve the microclimate, biodiversity, thus creating a calm space to reduce daily life stress and improve mental health and immune system.

A sculpture park where all members of the neighbourhood, young and old, will enjoy spending time together through physiotherapy and play.

A Social health park presenting an informal retreat for rest, socialising and light interactive games.

A green triangle developing an already present habit of the residents to walk their pets in the area, now further formed through appropriate fencing for large and smaller breeds, appropriate obstacles and seating for the ‘parents’.

Think Forward Lab

Think Forward is an interdisciplinary studio which practice exceeds architectural, interior and interactive design. We are excited by socio-ethical problems and their solutions by the means of art. So far we have collaborated with forward-thinking private clients, non-government organizations, municipalities, manufacturers, etc.

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