YNBHOOD by Natural State and student team from EMERGENCE
Oslo, Norway
Rethinking processes and governance
Image: A picture of the piloting website - YNBHOOD - The digital window to your local Neighbourhood - Natural State
The digital window to your local Neighbourhood

YNBHOOD was developed during COVID to make residents in a neighbourhood be more aware of the positive activities in the area, to be more connected in a disconnected time and to strengthen the sense of belonging in a time of loneliness. In addition it could be used to plan your own activity depending on your own condition and needs. The theory was that the Neighbourhood, being the smallest emotional community entity i a city, would be functioning as an emotional support mechanism to all residents if you just could see and sense the activity and neighbourhood life you are a part of. During the process we worked with this project from a Natural State methodology for holistic and sustainable City Life with students from Emergence School of Leadership as project leaders. After some time it was apparent that YNBHOOD was not only a good tool for looking out and in to the Neighbourhoods activity, but the real time information flow was also feeding in information for good governance and continues development and improvement. YNBHOOD has the potential to be a real time Neighbourhood governance and management tool. Where the Neighbourhoods positive activities and offers are strengthened and negative activities and weaknesses can be adresse. It has the potential to by user and inhabitant involvement create a user driven resilient, active and attractive Neighbourhood based on the realtime insight and wished from the community it selves, and base on the Natural values and cultural context of the place it selves. Strengthening the identity of the Neighbourhood it selves. Practically it connects the four groups of city life in a front end and back end solution connecting the residents and visitors daily life with the near, street level business lives, and the local municipality governance and interest-groups with the real estate and house owners. It is a collaborate digital tool for continues strengthening, diversifying and democratising the Neighbourhoods daily dynamics, and creating a good YNBHOOD:


The essence of YNBHOOD is to create a good, resilient, sustainable and attractive Neighbourhood to live in and visit. With a high activity of local and near dynamic of the small and identity carrying services, offers, experiences and general daily life. It is created to make all residents aware for the values of the place they live in, feel a sense of belonging and connectivity, and give them the opportunity to strengthen the positive dynamics of the life of this place by giving feedback and deliver data in to the user system. The impact for a resident and the local neighbourhoods city life and business life can strong. In addition the impact for the local governance is good as it will provide data and also self strengthening positive dynamics. Established it will strengthen the positive values of any development of place. With a clear sight on the core values of both natural, human and societal value first, and then on the market we build the right values first for the place.

The Neighbourhood insight in positive and negative activities or experiances.

The information flow between backend and frontend

Visualisation of the digital pilot YNBHOOD

Visualisation of the digital pilot YNBHOOD

Visualisation of the digital pilot YNBHOOD:

YNBHOOD by Natural State and student team from EMERGENCE

Natural State is a strategic development company for places, identities, ideas and new market solutions. Based in Gamlebyen Oslo - a small Neighbourhood to the east of the city centre. We often work with the project leadership school Emergence School of Leadership on experimental own ideas. The YNBHOOD team worked with this for 4 months with us at Natural State as their project exam in the spring of 2020.

Cross-disciplinary practice