LINK Landskap
Stavanger, Norway
Public plays
Transforming, adapting, reusing
Naturehood – wilder and greener
Image: Lervigparken_Ill: LINK Landskap
Conceptual development of a marine activity park in Stavanger, based on blue & green nature solutions.

Lervigparken is an activity and recreation zone, welcomed by the residents living in the Lervig area.
The focus for developing the park has particularly been regarding safety in the area and promoting health promotion activities, strengthened and developed by the park's blue-green values.
This was also the focus in the participation process with the neighboring residents, that concluded and is now integrated into the municipality's overall objectives and visions.
Buildings in the area are defined by their tight urban character and elements of Lervig's history can be found through old factory buildings, wooden houses that stretches along the seafront.
The area is in a progress of transformation where the new Lervig area and residential construction are influencing the use of the park area. The use of the area has changed from busy harbour activities to a seafront with a focus on experience and recreation.
The boardwalk through the park is metaphor designed as a ‘worm’ (Meitemark in Norwegian) and serves as an overarching concept of form. As a separate CIRCUIT in the walkway system, Meitemarken ‘’whobbels ‘’along the park's seaside and leads the way. The boardwalk is specified in the form of an physical object that slides into the functions, materials and elements of the park.
It is complex and has various functions such as play, building with toilet, veteran fire truck, pergola, outdoor kitchen, pattern in the coating, pier, boardwalk and bridge. The "whole worm" will only be visible when you reach the height and look down at the park from the fire station's roof or your neighbors’ balcony. Meitemarken gives a picture of nature and the complex systems of the cycle.


The boardwalk through the park is metaphor designed as a ‘Meitemark’ and serves as a concept of form in the park.
The seafront is important in this project. It is variedly designed and adapted for place-style ecology and, at the same time, facilitates for the climate impacts of storm surges. The surface of the sea is an important aspect of the experience and contributes to creating a special touch and identity.
The vegetation has focus on biodiversity in the sea and on land. Terrain solutions highlighting the terrain and the seafront. Simple, robust and indigenous material use.

From a balcony in the neigbourhood. Ill: LLINK Landskap

Sjøbad. Ill: LINK Landskap

Lervigparken by night. Illustr: LINK Landskap

Pergola_Illustr: LINK Landskap

View from the firestation. Illustr: LINK Landskap

LINK Landskap

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