Ammerud Aktivitetshus
Oslo, Norway
Social infrastructure
Image: Arne B. Langleite
A community on Ammerud with industrial kitchen, rental premises that the neighborhood can borrow cheaply, youth club and library

Ammerud activity house is the heart of Ammerud. Here young people learn to grow tomatoes, there is a bicycle workshop, children celebrate their birthdays in bright rooms with glass facing a fantastic green courtyard. All neighborhoods should have such a place, but in many places this is something volunteers have to fight to achieve. Fragment completed the renovation of the activity house in 2018 and recently Ammerudklubben won the award for Norway's best youth club.


A house like this gives room for imagination and initiative. Every neighbourhood should have one.

Fragment. Photo: Arne B. Langleite

Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter / La La Tøyen. Photo: Arne B. Langleite

La La Tøyen. Photo: Arne B. Langleite

Ungdyrk in Ammerud Aktivitetshus. Photo: Bydel Gamle Oslo.

Fragment. Photo: Arne B. Langleite


Project team was Arild Eriksen, Lisa Barahona, Cathrine Finnema. Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter and La La Tøyen was the architects for the court yard and the basket field.

Architectural practice