TIArch Studio, KSUAE. Team: Artur Gilfanov, Anna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Akhtiamova
Xintai / Changchun, China
Social infrastructure
Ways of living, ways of sharing
Production and commercial diversity
Image: Smart Productive Market Street Level at Daytime
Integrated closed-loop technologies make public buildings profitable and community-friendly. Their daily use provokes ecological thinking in the city.

New technologies strengthen timeless human values. People need bright leisure centres, fitting every taste, close to their homes. But monotonous residential blocks often lack such sites. In a Smart Productive Market, the neighbourhood residents buy fresh grocery from the vertical farm and spend their fruitful leisure. Smart Productive Market is practical as a smartphone and crucial as a fireplace, uniting people!
Grocery supply chains from suburban fields are now impractical and harmful to the soil and food quality. Instead, in vertical farms, healthy grocery is grown in a city building, using closed-loop technologies. In the Smart Productive Market, fresh grocery is automatically grown, sorted by mechanic arms, and delivered to the customers down to the automatic counters on the ground floor. Imagine, next to your home, there is a grocery market, resembling a smartphone store!
In the evening, the counters are automatically removed, transforming the Marketplace into a bright open space for leisure and events. From the Smart Marketplace, you can go up to the public Medialibrary, inside the upper levels of the vertical farm. The Medialibrary has a co-working space and a transparent mini-pool within the greenery. The pool water maintains the farm’s microclimate. Imagine the atmosphere for work and leisure in the Medialibrary in the evening pink light of the farm!
Big data technologies help the Network of Smart Productive Markets ‘adapt’ to the citizens’ needs. You order grocery via a mobile app, and the Smart Market digital system recognizes your preferences and tailors the grocery range to your neighbourhood's demands. The Smart Market also filters its event programme, interesting for the neighbourhood.
The Smart Market also shapes our ecological mindset. At the street-level Marketplace, you notice floating fish through glass wells in the floor. The underground fish and septic tanks make the Smart Market green production waste-free. Water for the tanks is collected from the rooftop.
Lighting for the green farm is also balanced. During the day, the farm makes the most of natural light through a transparent facade, while passers-by observe greenery in the city. At night, the farm enlivens the street with a soft pink gleam, luring you to the public square events! Future city meets the needs and possibilities of the time. Thanks to the Smart Productive Market, everyneighbourhood has healthy food and diverse common leisure. This is the future city.


Innovations in architecture are the synergy of digital, mechanical, environmental, and cultural technologies for fruitful communities.
The Smart Productive Market is a pilot model of future urban life, enriched by closed-loop technologies. The Smart Market unites an automatic pink-light grocery farm, an automatic grocery store, and a transformable community centre. Observing its open multi-layered structure and operation on a daily basis, people experience the benefits of Green Future hands-on.
Thus, urban environment itself shapes our ecological mindset!

Smart Productive Market City Network (adaptable to every neighbourhood)

Healthy Grocery Supply Chain Change

Transformable Street-Level Marketplace for Community Events

Coworking and Medialibrary Inside the Vertical Farm Upper Levels

Closed-Loop Technologies. Exhibition Pavilion about the Smart Productive Market

TIArch Studio, KSUAE. Team: Artur Gilfanov, Anna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Akhtiamova

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