Nye boligkvaliteter – Plan- og bygningsetaten i Oslo
Nye boligkvaliteter - New Housing Qualities
Oslo, Norway
Ways of living, ways of sharing
Rethinking processes and governance
Image: Plan- og bygningsetaten i Oslo
A knowledge based analysis with inspirational examples of housing with new qualities for better neighborhoods.

We have made three inspiring, defining and clarifying publications for stimulating to a more varied palette of housing qualities for better neighbourhoods, that we would like to share with a larger audience.
Nye boligkvaliteter was a three year project initiative by Plan- og bygningsetaten in Oslo. The aim was to stimulate to a larger variation in housing qualities, especially collective and generational living, self-build and urban ecology projects. We made three publications based on these themes, which was released in 2021 and 2022.
The target group for these publications is both professionals, like developers and architects, and the employees in the municipality itself, working with these often complex cases. Last but not least the target group is the future dwellers themselves.
The publications is divided in three parts. First there was a need for a clear definition of the different concepts, which is often mixed of confused. The second part is an analysis of several successful projects, with both architectural, processual and sustainability aspects. The third part is a practical list of tips and learning points for those who wants to initiate these kind of projects, either it is a professional of a grassroot organization.
The publications are able for downloading and viewing here, as well as the video of the brakefast meeting for the release:


Firstly, having the same language and agree on the same definitions is essential to being able to talk about the same things. By this, we wanted to clear up normal misconceptions, for example about collective housing and self-build.
We also wanted to show the new Norwegian cases which has been little published, and showing great examples of projects from other countries that we can learn from.
Analyzing the architecture of sharing and the process of building groups. This is concluded in a series of tips for different groups: developers, municipalities, self-build groups.
The publication about self-build also have an extensive step-by-step instruction in how to form a group and build together. This way of thinking production of housing is quite new in Norwegian settling, and has the capacity to contribute to form stronger neighborhoods and communities

The publications sums ups the latest research about the subjects.

Main example projects are both from Norway and abroad.

The architecture of sharing is analyzed.

What are the benefits, why should we stribe for a more inclusive way to produce housing?

The publications has concrete tips and how-to make shared housing, and co-design processes.

Nye boligkvaliteter – Plan- og bygningsetaten i Oslo

The project Nye boligkvaliteter was in Avdeling for områdeutvikling, in Plan- og bygningsetaten in Oslo (PBE), and led by architect and project leader Oda Ellensdatter Solberg. In the board group we had representatives from Eiendom- og byfornyelsesetaten and Husbanken as well as PBE.
The publications was the product of extensive research, and by conducting a series of interviews with project representatives from all the case studies, and with experts on certain topics.
At the same time PBE together with EBY also did a mapping of the municipality’s potential scope of action for facilitate for these kinds of projects in Oslo, which we hope will impact the future housing policy’s.