“Origins” - An exhibition, panel debate and guided tour
Oslo, Norway
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Naturehood – wilder and greener
Production and commercial diversity
Image: Photo: Einar Aslaksen
We explore how local materials and makers improve our climate and neighbourhoods for the better with circular and sustainable production.

How does the use of local materials affect our neighbourhoods and societies? How can we increase production with local resources from Norway? What role does nature play for our communities, both in terms of physical places but also in the choice of materials for architecture and design?

Novooi, in collaboration with architects Matthew Anderson & Hannah Stoveland Blindheim, OASM Studios, AHO Workshop, The climate house in Oslo and ÆRA aims to create an exhibition, guided tour and panel debate about how we can increase local production with the resources we have in Norway, and explore how local materials can improve our climate and neighbourhoods for the better with circular and sustainable production.

The exhibition, guided tour and panel debate will take place in The Climate House inside of The Botanical Garden in Oslo during the weekend of Oslo Architecture Triennale (23rd - 25th of September).

The climate house is a Zero-emission building and by combining high and low technology and using innovative, local materials, including a good deal of timber, the Climate House shows a way to the building solutions of the future. The climate house encourages visitors and society to make changes towards sustainability. Both the climate house and the botanical garden is an important hub in Tøyen and for Oslos inhabitants.

The exhibition will feature Norway-based craftspeople, architects, artists and designers that have made products from local resources we have in Norway. From local wood, wool, clay from construction sites, recycled aluminium, recycled plastic trash from the ocean, local stones, mushrooms to seaweed. Many of those featured in the exhibition also have their production locally in Tøyen or Oslo and have a direct impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

The Oslo area has the largest biodiversity in Norway, and is also the most densely populated. We want to invite Bjørn Håkon Smevold to give a guided tour of Tøyen and the botanical garden to give Oslo inhabitants a peek into the role nature plays for our neighbourhood.

The panel debate will explore how local materials are produced, how we can improve the circular and sustainable production and what impact it has on our neighbourhood and society. We want to invite Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway, architect and assistant professor at AHO Matthew Anderson and 2-3 producers/designers to partake in this panel debate. It will be streamed and available online.


This project features a cross-disciplinary approach showcasing both existing architecture, design and craft together with experiences and knowledge about local materials as well as sustainable and circular production. Through the exhibition, choice of place, guided tour and panel debate we explore this topic from many different angles and perspectives. The aim is to examine how we can improve our use of local materials and what impact this has on our neighbourhoods. Since a key aspect here is the use of natural resources such as wood we also want to explore what role nature plays for our neighbourhoods, both then in terms of the choice of materials as well as through the nature itself.

We will create a phygital project (digital and physical). On we will create a digital gallery showcasing both the individual makers and their perspective on the topic. The panel debate will be live streamed and available online.

Examples of the makers we want to invite and the use local materials

The botanical garden of Oslo - planned site for this exhibition/talk/guided tour. Photo: Uio + Dag Inge Danielsen

Space for the exhibition (inside the climate house - amfiet). Photo: Einar Aslaksen


This project is a collaboration between Novooi and architects Matthew Anderson & Hannah Stoveland Blindheim, OASM Studios, AHO Workshop , The climate house in Oslo and ÆRA.

Novooi is a platform for discovering contemporary Norwegian design and craft through exhibitions and an online gallery and shop.

Architects Matthew Anderson & Hannah Stoveland Blindheim collaborate on small architectural projects and exhibitions in and around Oslo, and both teach at AHO.

Æra is an independent Norwegian innovation studio and their expertise is strategic innovation with a strong focus on sustainability.

We want to invite the following makers to participate in the exhibition: Bergskog, Oslo Leire, Nuen, Objekt, Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Poppy Lawman, Ygg & Lyng, Røros Tweed, Norwegian Trash, Kaja Dahl, Eiklund, OASM studio and Mycela.

Cross-disciplinary practice

Here is an illustration of the house Steinlia are working on in Rodeløkka, where they are using local carpenters, glassmakers, materials from the neighbourhood to build.

Previous exhibition by Novooi during Designers Saturday in September 2021. The topic was "hyttekontor, work from nature" with over 20 different makers (designers, producers, artists, craftsmen) Photo: Guro Sommer